L.A. Silver Associates

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Lee Silver

Lee¬†(after graduating from New York University & completing his military service in the U.S.Army) started his Human Resource career at E.J. Korvettes (the first discount department store chain in the USA). Promoted to Director of Field HR, Lee was responsible for opening 40 new stores across the USA. In 1965, Lee joined Zayre Corp. as Director of Personnel. Over the next 15 years, Lee was promoted to VP & Senior VP. He gained his Senior Management expertise in building a multibillion dollar global Retail Department Store chain (TJMaxx) during this time. Lee started LA Silver Associates Inc. in 1980, as a management consulting & executive search firm, specializing in software companies marketing and selling ISV software. Their initial success was in the recruitment of IT professionals & software engineers from Europe to the key High Tech Growth companies in the USA. Over 1100 professionals were recruited & placed with “Green Cards” & H1 Visas. LA Silver Associates pioneered sweat equity recruitment; (stock grants in lieu of fees). Therefore, maintaining a true vested interest in both the clients’ and candidates’ success. LA Silver Associates¬†specializes in the key & essential personnel (at all levels) who are required to grow profitable software companies. We are a limited partner in three VC firms, and serve as a “scout” for new software companies requiring funding for their business plans.