L.A. Silver Associates

international executive search, technology recruiting, executive recruitment, senior level management consulting


Proven Success

Here is the most current  view of what our  Recruiting Partners  have accomplished together (Partners in Western & Eastern Europe, West Coast & East Coast USA, Dubai , Israel, Sydney, South Africa, Mexico (Latin America):

  • In the past few years, we have built a strong network to add to  our Global Search skills.
  • We continue to “morph” into new ventures & new relationships, within the Startup/Greenfield world.
  • In 2015 ,we will be in our 35th year of  executive search, working  24×7 globally.
  • We are Limited Partners in 4 different VC firms & were invited to join these VC’s , based on our success & reputation globally.
  • We work with the VC’s Managing Directors  & the Founding CEO’s, to find key management executives & staff to ramp up invested  companies for rapid scaled up growth.
  • LA Silver Associates‘ practice is in private software only , for  companies with a stated  exit strategy for an M & A.  (Rarely an IPO, but they do happen.)
  • *95% of  clients are in the  software space.
  • Our unique style & methods continue  to give significant value in ramping up companies for aggressive growth.
  • We  work in multiple technical state of the art  sw spaces.
  • Our reputation for timely results continues to be well known & effective.
  • As a LP , we have  a unique vested interest in succeeding quickly & efficiently for  our Clients.

Partner Locations

INTERNATIONAL: United Kingdom, Germany, Dubai & Quatar, Mexico (Latin America), Sydney. NORTH AMERICA: West Coast, Phoenix, Chicago, NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Vermont, Canada.


Search Assignments

Here is a sampling of our Clients’ completed and current assignments:

  • CEO/President (Ireland)
  • EVP Sales (San Francisco)
  • VP Marketing (San Francisco)
  • Senior Director Business  Development &  Channels (San Francisco)
  • VP Marketing (NYC)
  • CEO (San Francisco)
  • CTO (San Francisco)
  • VP Business Development/Marketing (San Francisco)
  • Marketing Director (San Francisco)
  • CEO (Moscow)
  • Marketing Director (London)
  • Supra Technical gurus (London, Paris, Munich)
  • VP/CTO (Moscow & Seattle)
  • Software development engineers (Moscow & Seattle)
  • VP-Panels Development (Moscow & Seattle)
  • Linux software development engineers (Moscow & Seattle)
  • Various Marketing Directors & Managers (Seattle)
  • Board Advisor (Seattle)
  • VP /General Manager (Seattle)
  • Marketing Manager (Seattle)
  • CTO Software Development (Moscow)
  • Manager Marketing (London)
  • CEO (Boston)
  • VP Marketing (Boston)
  • Sales Manager (Boston)
  • VP Sales Americas (Silicon Valley)
  • VP Marketing Americas (Silicon Valley)
  • EVP Americas (Silicon Valley)
  • Sr. Sales Executive (Silicon Valley)
  • Sr. Pre-sales/Post Sales Development Engineer (Silicon Valley)
  • US Sales Director (Boston)
  • German Sales Director (Frankfort)
  • Consultant  Travel Project Business Development/Sales (Kiev &  Silicon Valley)
  • CEO (Silicon Valley)
  • Senior Sales Executive (Washington DC)
  • President (Greensboro NC)